Renewable Thermal Systems Limited (RTSL) specialises in providing bespoke renewable heat solutions for agriculture and commercial businesses worldwide with its patented Gentec AS Renewable Heating System. RTSL also specialises in groundworks, drainage, foundations and enabling works for new builds using wind thermine technology.

A wind thermine is the key component for our our patented renewable energy heating system, Gentec AS, and provides copious amounts of renewable heat for space heating homes and commercial buildings without burning dirty fossil fuels, expensive biomass or indeed, anything at all.

The following schematics give some examples of how we can all benefit and help save our planet by heating our homes and businesses by harnessing the wind directly in a more effective way than generating intermittent junk electricity using wind turbines.

Please note that all of these systems are bespoke and are priced subject to a detailed survey but, in general terms, the price of system Gentec AS for a large detached rural home would be around the same as installing a biomass boiler and store. Of course, thereafter, you do not need to buy any fuel for the Gentec AS 'wind powered boiler' The current annual cost of heating this large detached home would be 2, 400 using premium wood pellets @ 300 per tonne


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